SAST Solutions

SAST Solutions protects SAP systems worldwide from cyber attacks, manipulation, espionage and data theft with its top-class IT security specialists.

The challenge.
Although the company lives a modern team spirit and exhausts all possibilities of attractive remuneration, it fights for the best in the industry. This war for talent is becoming more and more demanding in the wake of the advancing shortage of skilled workers and simultaneously increasing demand for IT specialists - especially in the security sector.

The Solution
SAST Solutions asked
Blaupause to help establish a strong employer brand to find and retain talent. Above all, employees should be motivated and equipped to find new colleagues themselves. To do this, we held a workshop to find out what makes working at SAST so attractive, what talent they are looking for, and what other employers offer. The result is 4 core values, from which we developed an employer branding campaign that uses multimedia - from face-to-face marketing to social media and job portals to the website - to convey the newly defined employer benefits and values.

Service: Workshop / Employer Branding Campaign / Web Design / Shooting.