Boll & Kirch

The challenge.
BOLL & KIRCH is a globally recognized specialist in the filtration of liquids and gases. The application-optimized automatic, duplex and simplex filters are the result of our own research and development and have proven themselves in the most diverse branches of industry. However, it is not only the products that must always be a step ahead of the times. Product communication must also remain up to date. But describing products and services in brochures and at international trade shows requires a high level of technical understanding as well as the ability to get to the heart of complex issues quickly. In addition, the processes in which the filters are used must be visualized in schematic diagrams. A typical case for Blaupause.

The solution
In pre-structured interviews from engineer to engineer, our technical editors, together with the developers of BOLL & KIRCH, found out what the added value of each filter is, what distinguishes them from other solutions and how the filters provide clarity in the most demanding applications. The collected content was linguistically and creatively prepared in numerous product and industry brochures for international corporate communication.

Service: 3D rendering / brochure / process illustration