Many medium-sized industrial companies use social media only moderately or not at all. The reason often given for this is that social networks are only for private individuals and that content is often dubious. Thanks to cat content, fake news, internet hate speech and the like, social media have indeed fallen into disrepute. Ultimately, however, this development is also countered by a high level of serious information content and a broad reach that you can definitely use profitably for yourself - as long as you approach the matter strategically.

We would like to show you how to turn social media into a successful medium for your B2B company with the following 6 practical suggestions.

1. The right conditions are the A and O

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Xing or LinkedIn - if you don't pursue a concrete goal with your chosen social media channels, you'll run into a dead end.
Your social media campaign first needs a smart objective. SMART because your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Timed. It is helpful to define a goal per channel, which can be evaluated using measurable parameters, such as the number of fans/followers and the number of impressions and interactions (comments and shares).
Via Google Analytics, for example, you can measure which content from your website was accessed by your target groups via shared posts in social media. Keep an eye on these parameters! You will automatically learn which content has attracted the attention of your target group and can optimise your campaigns and posts accordingly.

2. Activities on Social Media should be as a marketing campaign treated be

Once established, social media channels are often treated stepmotherly. But you should take care of the channels and give them the same attention as your other marketing measures.
So start by formulating your strategy:
Do you want to promote your sales or generally increase your brand awareness? Or do you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field?
Depending on your goal, your activities should be either product-, service- or brand-oriented.
It is important here that you do not randomly place posts on the web without context, but rather tell an overall overarching story. You can find out how to develop this story in our article on "Storytelling". Get your target groups emotionally involved by making your messages tangible.

3. The Availability of resources is essential

Many companies underestimate the effort involved in maintaining social media channels. Continuous and careful maintenance and care of the pages is time-consuming and ties up resources. Therefore, you should appoint a person responsible for the editorial support, the creation of contributions and the maintenance of the community, or at least delegate and control the associated tasks.

4. Where Your customers are, are also you

The key to successful social media marketing also lies in identifying the right channels. Therefore, analyse on which platforms your customers or target groups are on the move. You should also be present there. But be careful: less is more. If you have to set up or manage too many channels at once, you will quickly run into conflicts. Therefore, focus on the right channels.

Facebook is still considered a classic among social media. The advertising options are easy and efficient to use thanks to a professional campaign manager.

Instagram is also being discovered by more and more industrial companies. Younger target groups in particular, who are visually spoilt, are hanging around here. That is why the use of appealing videos and images is recommended on this channel.

In the B2B sector, Xing and LinkedIn are unbeatable. Here, a very precise targeting of your target groups is possible. As professional networks, you have many opportunities to generate leads here. The advertising options are extensive, but can be relatively expensive (depending on the target group and competitors).

5. The correct addressing of your target groups is central

Choosing the right tone is crucial for addressing your target groups perfectly. In social media, we use the first person a lot. But think about whether this form of address is at all suitable for your clientele and your company.
Also analyse which topics are important to your target groups. However, always stick to topics in which you are well versed. After all, your goal is to promote exchange and join in the discussion. Social media marketing is ultimately about moving your target groups: ask as many open questions as possible and encourage interaction through surveys, polls and competitions.

6. Interpret Read regularly the feedback from your Community

Regularly evaluate how your shared content and chosen formats resonate with your target groups. Which posts generated more response, which hardly generated any reach? What was commented on, what was even shared? This way you can continuously adjust your strategy and achieve better results. You can also draw on the statistics available within the platforms.
In addition, as already mentioned in point 1, you can use software solutions such as Google Analytics, Matomo or Webtrekk to evaluate your successes and failures.

7. Conclusion: Benefit Use all possibilities of the social media, before Your competitors do do it

Social media offer you many opportunities, but they are very fast-moving. Continuous technical innovations make social media marketing particularly interesting, but often make everyday work more difficult.

Medium-sized companies often still view social media with scepticism. However, if the strategy is right, the necessary conditions are created and capacities are made available, a broad field lies at your feet.

Use the advantages of social media to achieve your individual goals - be it your brand building or your lead generation. With good planning and some heart and soul, you will definitely achieve success.

Yvonne Willmer

At Blaupause , my main task is to structure and manage complex projects for industrial clients. From time to time, however, I also write blog articles and social media posts on B2B topics that are close to my heart. Have you already put some of our suggestions into practice? Then I would be happy if you tell me about your results.