Product marketing: We make your products shine

Are you planning to develop and launch a new product or introduce a new solution to the market? Then you should communicate this within the framework of a product launch campaign.
However, in order for your products and solutions to become a real market success, you should start with strategic product marketing earlier in the process.
Blaupause is happy to provide you with strategic and operational support, because a good strategy and coordination of tasks across all phases of product marketing form the cornerstone of your market success.
We support you in the development of strategies, the identification of your USPs as well as in the selection of your digital tools.

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Three questions on the topic of product marketing:

  • What is product marketing?

    In product marketing, various company departments such as research, development, purchasing and marketing work together to tailor products to the needs of the customer.

  • Who is responsible for product marketing?

    The responsibility of product marketing often lies with a product manager. This person initiates cooperation between different departments and oversees product development throughout the entire product life cycle.

  • What is a product life cycle?

    The product life cycle consists of five phases: From product launch, through the growth, maturity and saturation phases, to market exit or decline. Each phase should be accompanied by communication in order to achieve maximum market success for the product or solution.

How we support you in your product marketing:

Strategy for product development and launch

In a strategy workshop with those responsible from the different departments of your company, we analyse the needs of your target groups. We use design thinking methods to develop new ideas: Be it for the further development of products and services or their communication to your target groups.

Unique Selling Points

For convincing communication, it is important that we identify the unique selling proposition of your offer. We do this by conducting a competitor analysis and performing a comprehensive analysis of your product benefits.

Marketing strategies

After a comprehensive market analysis in which we have considered your competitors, your target groups and the benefits of your products and solutions, it is important to develop a roadmap for the communicative measures. We are happy to support you in finding and implementing the right marketing measures for each phase of the product life cycle.

Strategic support

To optimally support your product marketing in planning and implementing the diverse tasks, we create a project plan in our online-based project management tool. The tool enables cooperation between departments of your company and us as your consultants. Work processes are presented transparently and priorities and responsibilities are clearly structured.