A new view of screening
RHEWUM is a leading solution partner in industrial screening technology and develops screening machines of unsurpassed reliability.

The challenge.
Even the world's best screening machine cannot be seen for what it is - and certainly not for the perfect application solution behind it. That's why RHEWUM asked us to find a new way to communicate the leading solution partner in industrial screening technology across all media - and to charge the slogan "Enjoy the Difference".

The solution

In our strategy workshop, we defined the traditional German brand as the market and technology leader for screening machines. And it doesn't talk about machines, but about everything that leads to the best screening solution for every material. This is exactly where we discovered the opportunity to charge "Enjoy the Difference". Because where others sift, we pay attention: to the special challenges, to the customer's wishes, the quality, the total costs etc.

In collaboration with the sand artist Eva Aibazova, we developed a unique image world with faces made of screen material: emotional and very close to the customer with his needs for perfect separation of his screenings.

Service: Campaign / Exhibition stand / Concept
Website: www.rhewum.com