The social media platform Instagram is on course for international success. Continuously rising user numbers reflect the popularity of the network, which has been part of Facebook since 2012. In 2018 - nine years after the network's launch - Instagram passed the magic mark of 1 billion users worldwide. To date, the social network has seen record growth of around 5% per quarter. You are not yet using the reach of Instagram for your B2B company? Then read our 5 tips and learn how to get started!

It is not only the increasing number of users on Instagram that predicts a high reach for your B2B company, but also the increasing time users spend on the platform. Studies from the USA show that users consume content on Instagram for almost an hour a day - and the trend is rising.

Companies have long since recognised this trend. Today, there are around 25 million business profiles worldwide. A representative survey of marketing managers from January 2020 shows that Instagram is the second most important social media platform after the established giant Facebook. The main reasons given for using the platform are the presentation of the company and its own products (81%), recruiting (60%) and receiving customer enquiries and reviews (54%).

All these aspects are not only highly relevant in the B2C environment, which is why more and more industrial companies are also creating a profile on Instagram.

1. Our 5 tips for a successful Instagram profile

Do you already have a profile but not yet a clear content strategy for your channel? Or are you still deciding whether to include Instagram as a channel in your social media portfolio? Then learn below which 5 aspects you should consider when creating and maintaining Instagram for your business!

2. Structure of your profile text and your Instagram feed

The profile text on Instagram can contain a maximum of 150 characters and is usually posted under the item "Biography". So there is not much space for a detailed description of your company. Therefore, formulate your profile text or the goal of your account briefly and concisely and focus on the benefits and added value for your future followers. What will you regularly inform about?
Since you cannot include external links to your website or blog in posts, it is advisable to use the link in your profile text for this purpose and adjust it regularly if necessary.
When creating a new account, it is advisable to outline a portrait of your company in the first 6-9 posts. Many companies use a mosaic of 9 posts for this purpose. On the one hand, this has the advantage that followers in your feed get a good overview of your company and, on the other hand, your account is immediately well filled and appears well maintained.

3. Each contribution a story

A prerequisite for your successful social media profile is that you tell a coherent story. To do this, it is helpful to clearly define the goal of the account beforehand and to develop a content strategy that follows a common thread. You can find out how to develop a red thread for your communication in our article: "The red thread in your B2B communication".
Based on your company story, each individual contribution should also tell a little story. In doing so, also pay attention to visual impulses that generate the followers' attention. In the text, you should share interesting information that offers your readers added value. Don't forget to include a call-to-action - this will encourage interaction and allow you to enter into dialogue with your target groups.

4. Authentic images are the A and O

To engage your target groups to the maximum, you need authentic images - as in all your marketing activities. Choose images for your posts that allow an unfiltered insight into your corporate culture. Sure, professionalism is still the top priority in B2B, but you should still check your posts for the human touch. Your followers don't just want to get to know your products, but also the people behind your brand. For authentic insight "behind the scenes", Instagram stories are particularly suitable, in which you provide insight into your production, your trade fair appearance or other everyday professional situations with snapshots or live videos.

5. Be you yourself active user and participate You join at Discussions

In order to continuously expand your community of followers, it is important that you yourself are an active user of the platform. Simply sharing posts is unfortunately not enough. It is equally important that you react to comments and actively respond to relevant posts from your industry. This is how you generate more attention. In addition, the Instagram algorithm rewards your activity level and makes you more visible overall. The rule is: the more active you communicate, the more likely your target groups will interact with you.

6. The Success measurement

As in any of your marketing measures, measuring success is indispensable for aligning and optimising your social media strategy. Instagram offers you various insights for this purpose. However, don't be misled by superficial key figures. The evaluation of the number of likes and clicks does not only show you how interested your followers are in your content. It is much more interesting to look at the number of comments and the number of new followers.

7. Conclusion: Make Make yourself the Reach of the platform to Use

The Instagram platform is also becoming increasingly relevant in the B2B sector. More and more industrial companies are using the social network to present their company, products and services. The platform is also frequently used for recruiting. For an authentic and coherent appearance on Instagram, you should use the features of the bio correctly and present your company authentically. To do this, pay special attention to telling your company story. Put the added value for the customer in the foreground and avoid an Instagram feed that only consists of product photos. Encourage interaction with your company by being active yourself. This is how you achieve maximum benefit and expand your reach online.

Yvonne Willmer

At Blaupause , my main task is to structure and manage complex projects for industrial clients. From time to time, however, I also write blog articles and social media posts on B2B topics that are close to my heart. Have you already put some of our suggestions into practice? Then I would be happy if you tell me about your results.