Witte Pumps and Technology

Pumps from the heart

The challenge

WITTE PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY has been convincing with precision gear pumps since 1984. Despite the narrow niche, target groups and offers are diverse: customers come from different industries and are supported by a globally active customer service; the offer includes a wide range of standard pumps as well as special solutions. How do you get all this under one communicative hat?
In the course of developing a new website, Blaupause was commissioned to develop a new brand identity that would set the company apart from the strong competition of far larger competitors.

The soulution

The workshop questioned the previous focus on the products and looked at WITTE with new eyes: Not as a supplier of high-quality pumps, but as a development partner who puts his heart and soul into the solution. That's why we put the employees at the centre of communication. With the slogan "My pump for your application", they allude to the heart/pump analogy and thus demonstrate their passion for the best solution. The presentation has a strong internal and external impact and convinced both customers at ACHEMA 2018 and employees.