Amazing results from sheet metal.

A fine appearance for the leading partner in sheet metal processing.

HAKAMA is one of the world's leading solution partners for sheet metal enclosures to protect technical equipment. With aesthetically and functionally unsurpassed results, the Swiss company with a long tradition sets standards in the production of solutions made of sheet metal.

The challenge

Abstract engineering services and products with the logo of the respective client offer hardly any visual material for powerful corporate communication. This made it all the more urgent for the traditional brand to be able to make a catchy impression in a difficult market segment.

The Solution

After our strategy workshop, the brand was positioned as the Swiss market leader for sheet metal processing in many areas: from pharmaceuticals and electronics to telecommunications. For this purpose, we developed the Origami made of sheet metal – a key visual with which the aesthetic strengths as well as the competence in sheet metal processing can be summed up. The implementation of the brand world took place on all necessary media.

Amazing things made of sheet metal

Exhibition booth


Corporate Design

Corporate Video