Binné & Sohn

We are climate activists.

The challenge

To celebrate the company's 140th anniversary at NordBau 2019, Binné & Sohn - a leading supplier of flat roof waterproofing and green roof systems - wanted to generate a particularly high level of attention among its target groups. As part of the anniversary campaign, Binné presented its customers with the innovative NOxOFF coating for their roofing membranes. For this, a new brand positioning had to be created which convinced with a strong message and modern design.

The soulution

Together with our customer, we acquired an overview of the different target groups and the benefits of the product. For the maximum identification of the target groups with the product benefit, we developed a concept in which the customer segments are represented by a precisely fitting testimonial. With the core statement: "I am a climate activist" we focused on the "green" added value of the NOxOFF coating and at the same time showed how climate activism works today, even without a sit-down strike!